Comprehensive Eye Examinations & Solutions

Our eye examinations include the use of the latest computerized instruments to determine the correct prescription for you and to evaluate the general health of your eyes. The exam starts off with screening tests such as finding out how well you can see, visual field testing, color vision, and depth perception testing.


Your eyeglass prescription is determined based on the best and most comfortable solution you need for seeing near or far. The eye health check includes examining both the front and back portions of your eyes. Glaucoma testing is also included as part of the health check. To view the inside of your eyes, we will dilate your pupils to identify potential eye diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Generally, a comprehensive eye examination takes approximately one hour to complete.

Contact Lens Fitting

Special testing is done to determine the best fitting contact lenses for your eyes. A measurement is taken of the front curve of the cornea for a maximum fit. Because contact lenses are medical devices worn on the eye, it is important the health of the cornea and eyelids are evaluated to ensure complications do not occur with lens wear. Usually, a trial lens is given at the time of fitting to be worn for a week. A follow-up visit is scheduled a week later to check on how well your eyes can tolerate the contact lens and to check for any problems that are experienced during the trial period.

Diagnosis & Treatment Of Ocular Disease

Our Honolulu business offers same-day urgent care should an eye emergency arise. We also provide treatment for conditions such as conjunctivitis, foreign body removal, sty, allergies, and dry eye syndrome.

Other services we are happy to provide include:

• Cleaning • Adjustments


Dream Vision Eye Care accepts most insurance. This includes:

• Union Plans
• Medicare
• Quest
• Medicaid